Paine - Time of Anarchy - Book One in the Paine Saga. A CIA-manufactured plague is bioengineered to attack coca plants in an effort to eliminate cocaine production. The plague mutates and destroys food plants worldwide. Governments collapse and billions die. Follow Michael Paine Martin, the son of a mercenary leader, as he tries to protect himself and his family from the ravages of anarchy. 

Legacy of Paine - Book Three in the Paine Saga. 
Sovereign United New York is safe, for now. But Josh Martin is still on the loose and the Corvis Foundation has the power to reach out and hurt anyone they think of as a threat. Ashley Miller is intent upon rebuilding the United Nations building in a way the members could never imagine. Elle is continuing her mission of revenge, and old hatreds begin to resurface as the world repeats the sins of the past. Paine must take the battle outside of New York to keep his country free. The Earth is not a safe place as the saga continues.

UN Real Paine - Book two of the Paine Saga. The plague that destroyed billions of people is over, but a more insidious plot is hatched, one that threatens the privacy of everyone on the planet. Unaware of the new threat, Michael Paine Martin joins the United Nations Military Force and is sent on a mission to stop a potential war between Serbian guerrillas and the rest of Europe. Then things begin to go wrong. Steven Corvis, founder and CEO of the Corvis Foundation, attempts to establish control over the world. He enlists the aid of the sinister and vengeful General Josh Martin, Paine's father. Josh works with Corvis to discredit the United Nations and destroy the recently established government of New York. Personal and political intrigue abounds in this fight between two conflicting ideas of the future of Earth – and who will ultimately rule.

Paine - Time of Anarchy - Four Stars -

A Different Kind of Hero for a Different Kind of World
By Author Chuck Miceli on March 18, 2014
In his recently published novel, Paine: Time of Anarchy, J.B. Durbin takes us into his apocalyptic vision of the future and it is one this reviewer hopes never to experience personally. Durbin creates his dystopian world with an experiment gone horribly wrong. In the war on drugs, a team of scientists creates a virus that destroys drug producing crops but soon mutates into a form that attacks beneficial plants as well, depleting the world of both food and oxygen. As starvation and violence decimate the earth’s population, governments crumble. When the virus spreads to humans, anarchy reigns. In this “survival of the fittest” world, new breeds of leaders emerge, some skilled in killing, others steeped in cunning and corruption. This is the world Michael Paine is born into. Like the Hunger Games, throughout the book, it is difficult to categorize any of the characters, including Paine, as strictly good or bad, hero or villain. Everyone does what they need to do to survive and allegiances are always tenuous. This to me is one of the strongest aspects of the book and I found some of the character’s actions surprisingly callous even through the end. Durbin’s years of teaching serve his writing style well, which is more polished than many first time novelists. His extensive military experience is evident in his description of the weapons and tactics used by the warring factions of this tribal landscape. In the middle of the novel, non-military readers may get even more details than they want. As the book marches on toward its climax however, the pace picks up and I occasionally found myself wanting even more details on some of the political maneuvers. This is the first book of a series and in the final chapter Durbin puts the elements in place for his next book. Based on those elements and staying true to his genre, I would expect life in Durbin’s subsequent novels will get even harder before it gets better.

-Excerpt from the book Paine - Time of Anarchy

J. B. Durbin is a retired infantryman who served 23 years in the U.S. Army. He attended Western Kentucky University where he majored in Political Science. An Airborne Ranger, he served in a variety of positions including infantry platoon leader, company commander, and battalion executive officer and as the Chief of War Plans for U.S. Army Europe. He also taught at the Combined Arms and Services Staff School in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. After leaving the service, he earned a Master’s of Science in Organizational Behavior, then became a certified teacher and began teaching history at his local high school. Lieutenant Colonel (USA Retired) Durbin now resides in Connecticut with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys working as a conditioning coach for the high school football team, playing golf and writing.

Meet Author J B Durbin

Ashley began talking. “I was involved in developing a plague that would target coca plants, but I didn’t know it at the time. The Central Intelligence Agency was trying to disrupt the flow of drugs coming into the country and thought that stopping the traffic at its source would be the answer. Something went wrong with the bacteria, and other plants started dying. My scientific opinion is that the plague will continue to mutate and life as we know it will end."

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Legacy of Paine - Five Stars
The third installment to an exciting series!
By Chris "Chris" Iverson on April 16, 2015
Legacy of Paine is the third novel in the Paine series. I purchased this book directly from the author, as he is a teacher at my high school. This novel, as well as its counterparts, are brimming with details and exciting plot twists, each brief chapter leading into the next at a fast pace. The characters we've been following are growing and entering new stages of their lives as enemies collide, friendships are formed, and differing groups struggle to create an everlasting peace (or to create chaos, in some cases). History repeats itself, and this book expertly depicts a frightening rendition of Earth's future that makes for an awesome read. Highly recommend to teens and up. There is gore, violence, sex, and some mild language, but nothing to fear. Thanks Mr. Durbin, and I cannot wait for book 4!!!

UN Real Paine - Five stars
I particularly liked learning about Josh's background and his childhood  ...
By Lori Cammuso on July 22, 2014
Once again, J.B. Durbin engulfs the reader in the story of Michael Paine Martin and his struggle to stop the United Nations from invading New York with the help of Marcus, Elle, Trisha, Chris, Carole, and Katrina. The second installment in the Paine series provides an all new secluded antagonist named Steven Corvis, who terrorizes the entire world through his computer alone. This book also includes more insight on characters that were mentioned in Paine: Time of Anarchy such as Miley, the leader of the Neo Luddites; and Keenan, the leader of the Technos. I particularly liked learning about Josh's background and his childhood which was not mentioned in the first book. I also found the world that J.B. Durbin created interesting and believable. The book may be considered fiction; although, much of the technology such as the quick heal patches, meditubes, and hypervelocity weapons feel like they could potentially be around in the next decade or so. Overall, this series is definitely worth reading for anyone that may be interested in the future or an apocalyptic society in general. Trust me if you like shows such as The Walking Dead then you'll enjoy this story.